IT Support and Advice

If you are having problems with your IT, I can help!

Whether you are running a small business, or are simply a retired person struggling to cope with confusing technology, get in touch and I can help you to solve your problems, at a price that will not break the bank!

I can visit you at your home or business premises, or connect via Skype/Zoom FB Messenger etc, to give one-to-one instruction on how to master the skills required to solve most of the commonly encountered IT issues.

Some of the issues that I can advise you on and help you to solve include:

Antivirus Protection

There are a large number of antivirus solutions available, some of which can provide a good level of protection at zero cost, others are only available as paid software, and there are some that can actually introduce the malware that users are trying to avoid!

I can guide you through this jungle, and show you how to protect yourself at a minimal (if not zero!) cost, and how to avoid the bad guys!

Backup Strategy

In addition to implementing antivirus protection, having a well thought-out backup strategy in place is absolutely vital. Even with antivirus software in place, users can be caught out by so-called "zero day" infections, many of which can contain "ransomware" that encrypts files and demands payment for a decryption key.

To protect your valuble data, photos, music collection, and business records, making (and regularly updating) backups is essential. I can evaluate your needs and advise you on the best and most cost-effective way that you can implement a system.

Email Management

A well thought out and configured email system can be a delight to use, and form an essential pillar in your business management. In reality, many user struggle to set up their email, and have difficulty to even get the basic functionality to work!

I can discuss your requirements and show you how to set up your chosen email client, how to set up filters to automatically sort incoming mail into folders, so that you can see at a glance the mails that you need to prioritise while filing the less urgent messages away.

Software Use

Modern software offers users amazing power, however this can come at the prrice of great complexity. If you are having difficulty in acheiving your objectives with your chosen applications, I can help you to master the skills needed, whether this is using Excel to create invoices or financial records, or using graphics tools such as Photoshop, Paintshop Pro, Corel Draw etc.

Network and WiFi problems

Setting up a howm or small office network can cause some real headaches. If you are experiencing some of these, get in touch and I will check your system and help you to get up and running - more often than not there will not be any hardware faults, simply one device being incorrectly configured can disable the entire network!

Hardware problems

While I do nut (at the moment) operate a computer repair service, I can check your PC, and locate probable trouble spots. I have found that many problems are caused by software or configuration issues, or by problems with cables and connectors, or badly seated memory sticks and PCI cards. Most of these faults, I will be able to rectify for you on the spot.